Big Red Barrelcast 7: Tussin

The Big Red Barrelcast returns to tickle your ear drums! PacManPolarBear, Dave and Kev are here to talk about video games and video game accessories.

This time, they ramble on about:

  • Dishonored DLC
  • Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
  • XBL goes down
  • Thunder Wolves
  • EA is still the worst company in America
  • Rae Johnston strikes back
  • Female focus testing
  • SOCA
  • The next Xbox might be a cable box
  • And some healthy bonus content for those lovely individuals amongst you that bought our App

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  1. SolidJackal

    EA should not be named worst company, it just makes no sense the games it makes does not affect the entire country. This proves gamers are idiots, yes I said it. 

  2. Dangerous Brian

    Great show once more.

    Not being American I can’t comment on most of the candidates for the worst company. Having said that, EA are pretty bad but there has to be worse out there. The banks for example. They are, at least in Britain, one of the major causes for the recession. How is one of them not the worst?

    The new Xbox rumours keep getting worse, I want some facts! I shall withhold my judgement until then.

  3. stingo

    TussinDave is funny. 


    I have Dishonored and was looking at the DLC. Should I finish the game then pick up the DLC or get it now?

  4. I’d finish playing Dishonored before hitting up the DLC

  5. stingo


    PacManPolarBear said
    I’d finish playing Dishonored before hitting up the DLC

    Thanks PMPB – I thought that would be the case but wanted to be sure.

  6. Aurochs

    Blood Dragon looks absolutely batshit mental, in the best possible way! Far Cry 3 and Dishonored are two that are sat in my library, waiting for exams to be over and done with, so DLC will have to wait.

    SolidJackal said
    EA should not be named worst company, it just makes no sense the games it makes does not affect the entire country. This proves gamers are idiots, yes I said it. 

    It’s absolutely astounding that people can honestly, beyond all joking, believe that EA were the worst company on that list. Ah well :/


  7. frawlzfans

    I also hate how people gave their opinion democratically that EA is the worst company in America…. 

    I think Ofcom should investigate stupid parents instead of Apple etc. I do love the show guys I’ve missed Dave and Pacman discussing games and Kev, *makes happy noise, I love Kev. Keep up the good work guys and thank you for putting out bonus content every week its much appreciated thumb 


  8. ThaJM

    Have been hitting the update button on my podcast app everyday, glad to see the latest show is up! Hope the illnesses haven’t been bringing you too down Dave!

  9. ThaJM

    Also Kev, not sure what the future plans are for BRBTV but i’ve just subscribed and am a BIG fan of the Big Red Rambles.

  10. We’re figuring out what we want to do to bring back The Big Red Ramble. It’s definitely coming back, hopefully soon, and in a much better format.

    There will be an announcement when the time comes. I know it’s been missed, and we’ve missed doing it. We just need to iron out a few kinks before unleashing it.

  11. B Fishscale

    5 years ago I was cashing out of a grocery store with a Silver Surfer shirt on… some 49-56ish looking guy pops out from behind me like “take that shirt off!” Very confused, I stammer out something along the lines of “what?”, and he replies “take that shirt off! you don’t deserve that shirt you don’t know anything about Silver Surfer!” At that point I was both offended and wildly amused, but he then said if I couldn’t tell him Silver Surfer’s real name he was going to take the shirt from me. I successfully tell him Norrin Radd, so he calms down, shows me a Wolverine tattoo on one arm and a Deadpool tattoo on the other arm, and apologizes explaining that he’s tired of posers wearing tshirts to be cool when they are not truly invested in what is on that shirt .

    That said… I suspect the Bioshock guy mentioned on the show was definitely a jerk that never would have questioned the shirt if another male was wearing it, but please believe there are super passionate nerds out there who will question your tshirt whether you have testicles or not.

  12. ThaJM

    Nice! Could i suggest putting out a few episodes of Big Red Ramble as part of bonus content? Get a bit of synergy going between BRBTV and the podcasts. Although i do enjoy the different ensembles of commentators across the various rambles. Thanks for all you do!


    Fishscale, i personally think the issue isn’t rooted in misogyny. It’s more to do with the esotericism inherent in the self-perceived “Elite” in any community. They then serve as stumbling blocks to an otherwise open bunch of people with similar interests. 

  13. Eschonian

    Best gaming podcast out there. No doubts. Great balance of informed hosts.

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