Big Red Barrelcast 3: Needs More Cole Train

Welcome to another milestone for the Big Red Barrelcast, the mighty third episode! PacManPolarBear, Dave and Kev are here to talk about video games and whatever else we feel like pontificating about!

This time, they ramble on about:

  • Sim City
  • Starcraft II: Heart of The Swarm
  • Saints Row IV: From The Crack House To The White House
  • Getting Left 4 Dead II in your Resident Evil 6
  • Nintendo’s woes
  • Star Wars First Assault
  • combating internet douche bags
  • Shout outs
  • And some healthy bonus content for those lovely individuals amongst you that bought our App

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  1. Dangerous Brian

    I don’t always comment on Kev’s posts, just the ones that I do.

    Great show, liked the Sim City rant.

  2. Aurochs

    Really are the two series that any self-respecting gamer would do unspeakable things for a new entry in; Battlefront and Timesplitters! Why do they not exist already?
    And good to know that SimCity continues to be terrible… The glassbox engine looked so promising in development, shame it just hasn’t worked so well. Question; would any more time in development have made it a better game? Or is the multiplayer vision fundamentally flawed?
    Cheers for the episode again folks :)

  3. FireMuncher

    It seems like I always have to do math when I post to this shows thread. Weird. But what I was going to say… I love that you guys do the bonus content, its tge only time I get to use the app

  4. The banter in this episode was very treating. That being said, I think it’s going to take me some time to get used to the intro. In any case, it’s both sad and hilarious to see what’s happening to Sim City’s front. Need to buy a new PC so I can play Starcraft 2. Don’t even know if my blizzard account is still valid. Like you guys, I couldn’t give less of a rat’s hindquarters about RE6 but I adore L4D series and I hope it’s a skin mod that plays like L4D.


    The rant you guys went on in about the one guy who was being belligerent to a girl on a tournament was pretty upsetting. What’s even more is that outside of outright barring someone from playing publicly we can’t really get rid of the banter that comes with online gaming. As someone who plays a lot of fighting games I know how bad things can get. The FGC is notorious for it’s fights and very heavy handed high level players. Unlike shooting games when you lose in a fighting game it is no one’s fault but your own. Similar to RTS games there is nothing contingent on your success but your ability to be better than your opponent. APM in RTS, ability to offend and defend in fighting games is on you. And with that comes some very damaging comments to one’s ego. That’s why people develop such thick skin in those genres. It comes with the territory.


    I’m not saying everyone should nut up and get out but I think that some comments should be taken with a grain of salt. One of the most infamous ones are threats of violence or murder. I highly doubt someone is going to genuinely come over to someone’s house and murder them over a video game. While there are some people who are capable of such an act the vast majority are not so idiotic. Rape is a word I’ve never used in social interactions or games. Never found the appeal. I think amongst this podcasts points, this one is one I agree with wholeheartedly. People shouldn’t use rape but more so because it’s not a clever word to convey what you want.

  5. I get what your saying but “it comes with the territory” is the worst defense imaginable. It stinks of pure apathy. Talking competitions… Why shouldn’t pro gamers be held to a high standard just like pro athletes in other sports are? Why should anyone even need to develop a thick skin? Why shouldn’t pro fighting gamers be banned from competition for vile trash talking like other gaming tournaments do? Both online and in tournaments at events there should be repercussions for your actions like there are everywhere else. We can’t cure the human condition online outright, but we can certainly takes steps to mitigate it as much as possible and we owe it ourselves as a community to do so.

    Taking things with a grain of salt and thick skin only goes so far. Someone saying “ah man imma kill you for that” is one thing. Asking a girl when she lost her virginity during a tourney or threatening to kill someone for being such a faggot is a whole other level. That’s the level we are talking about. Not the general trash talking we all do.

    The examples from the show may not fix everything, but they sure as hell would make things a lot better without costing anyone a lot of grief or money at all.

    For example LoL is brutal in regards to player behavior online and in tourneys. Not because it has to be that way but because the players have accepted it and are not pushing hard enough for change. You can’t pull a tenth of what LoL players get away with in Starcraft online and in tourneys. It’s a night and day difference and the prime reason I stopped playing LoL.

  6. BilboTeabaggins

    So Heart of the Swarm. Is it a 2 ‘racks expand or a 3 factory vulture rush to expand? 

    SC2 jokes aside, there’s nothing I can say that PMPB hasn’t already said. In the show or on the forums. I don’t really do the whole trash talking thing at all. Never seen the necessity. Though I’m the sort of player who always “gl;hf”s and always gives a GG at the end.. Though I have been trash talked to quite frequently. The loud minority are ruining it for the majority in my mind. 

    Although recently I was on DotA2 on co-op practice against bots. I was trying a new hero and suddenly one guy on the team just started hurling abuse at me for not being proasheck with this hero… IN PRACTICE. The whole team turned on him and a) fought my side and b) when it became clear this guy was just an asshole did everything they could to ruin the game for him. It was real funny just watching his hate filled vitriol turn into “…”.

    I would give 2/3 of my liver for a GOOD Republic Commando 2 though. That game was faaaaaaaaaaaaaantastic. I really liked that game when I was younger.

    It was a real good episode though. :) Really enjoying this new treat to my ears. xD

  7. FireMuncher

    I’d love to hear what you guys think kojima will do/show at GDC

  8. FireMuncher said
    I’d love to hear what you guys think kojima will do/show at GDC

    I bet Ground Zeroes will be a next gen title but the Phantom Pain will be a Vita title!

    /clutches Vita lovingly

  9. X88MPH

    Fantastic Show!

  10. spikeychris

    Heart of the swarm is awesome!.  Is there a BRB clan/group going in it?

    P.S. Its been mentioned a few times recently that diablo 3 is blizzards first console game.  Its not the original starcraft was ported to console.

  11. spikeychris

    on the topic of getting banned for abusive language online.  I used to play world of warcraft and was in a fairly nice guild for some of vanilla and most of the burning crusade.  The guild consisted of a core group of friends some who knew each other in real life but most just from playing ultima online together for years.  The guild leader was a women from blackpool who was married with 3 kids.  The raid leader was a german guy who had a habit of going a bit mental if people fucked up.


    Anyway the server we played on was about 90% hungarian and the german guy had a nasty habit of abusing the hungarians in chat channels and got banned several times for it.  So what is the big deal well what happened next is quite frankly unbelievable but I know for a fact it is true.  The guild ended up transfering to a new server and most people went (I stayed).  A few years later after a break I decided to look them up and found the guild had folded.  Now this is nothing special but the reasons why are just gobsmacking.


    Somehow the german guy got hold of the guild leaders home address (I suspect she let him on her character once and he looked at her account info).  Anyway he started bombarding her house with love notes, poems, flowers, chocolates etc.  She had no idea who they where coming from until he flew from Germany to the Uk and showed up on her doorstep to propose.  He had to be forceably removed from the country.  So the guild leader had to move house and stopped playing WOW entirely.  And the german raid leader got baned……….

    Then 6 months later started playing again as he had somehow got his account unbanned. 

    I just had a check and he is still playing rather sickly I think in a guild of the same name he has made on a new server.

    Oh yeah and you have my permission to shove that in the podcast if you want :P

  12. TamarindLAZ

    Dat bonus content.


    Thanks for another episode guys! barrel

  13. The Jack Of Hearts

    I love how consistent the hilarious/interesting stories are, especially with the views of Sim City from average everyday gamers like Kev, Dave, and Pac-Man. I would feel the same way if I bought a game but couldn’t play it because of the various Bulls\*\*t.

    As for Nintendo’s woes I agree fully. Yes I am a big Nintendo fan but for Jesus H. Christ sake the sales of the Wii U are terrible at the moment, hell they are mostly to blame for the situation they’re in too. For one Nintendo mismanaged the rest of the year by blowing their load from the start releasing New Super Mario Bros. U, and Nintendo Land with a bunch of third party games where most hardcore gamers already played months ago with the exception of Zombie U, Assassin’s Creed III, and maybe a few others.

    What’s worse the major games that were going to be released for it were nearly four months after launch. From the perspective of a hardcore gamer craving for some new Wii U content nearly four months later makes me wonder not only why did I buy this console at launch, but what will be playable for the rest of the year?

    Don’t get me wrong both Lego City Undercover and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate look like fun games that have received favorable reviews, but both released a week before Bioshock Infinite a game I know I’m gonna play making me wonder why Nintendo couldn’t have released both games during a time where there wasn’t too many big name games…like last month.

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