BRB Blu: PS4 Announcement

Only something as big as the announcement of the PS4 could reunite BRB Blu, the premier Sony podcast from Join Rothbart, PacManPolarBear and Frawlz as they raise the blue flag of Sony and discuss the power of the PS4, new features, game play footage and everything else Sony showed the world when they announced the PS4. Want them to come back for future Sony announcements? Let them know in the comments and on the forums.

We appreciate you taking time out of your day to listen to the show. For your convenience, you can simply download the MP3 by clicking HERE or if you’re one of those “set it and forget it” types, you can subscribe via iTunes, RSS, or Zune and stay in “real time.”

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  1. Francisganzo

    Made my day seeing this! Keep them coming boys – We miss you guys like Queen Latifah misses KFC when she films movies in Africa

    Blu Show forever

    • I live in Africa, we have KFC. Occasionally some Ostrich finds its way into the bucket. Africa is the shizniz.

  2. Dan


  3. shakysnake

    I Have missed this podcast a lot. I am yet to Listen to this and i know i gonna enjoy this 😀 and

    “Welcome back from the Dead! “

  4. gooner-marmite

    Want them back full stop .
    Oh I how miss a bit of frawlz in my ears once a week.

  5. Playrules

    I’m back in black! man I haven’t listened to this podcast in YEARS! good to be back! Ps4 is big news, disappointed with the controller.

  6. saephirayew

    WOOOO more Frawlz please!

  7. thenothingman

    Welcome back all you guys, you have been missed. I haven’t listened yet but I am looking forward to it. It would be nice to have you guys back even semi regularly.

  8. Chunderhead

    Good to hear you guys again. Pacman, your new mic sounds sounds nice.

  9. UncleKrit

    This episode is the best thing happening to me this year since the PS4 announced!

    Thanks for another episode you guys.

  10. Calvin

    Welcome back guys!!! I misss you all!!!

  11. Redbeard

    I haven’t listened yet but thanks for coming together again. I really missed your podcast!

    I can’t wait to listen!


  12. sheezcrafty

    My own blue man group!!!!! I have missed the dulcet tones of podcasting’s sexiest threesome so much! Listening right now whilst cleaning out my fridge. (Crappiest job ever.) I have something wonderful in my ear whilst trying to figure out if I should keep a 2 year old pork chop. A break from Yoshi’s Sony hatred, like sherbert on a hot day.

    Forgive the nuttiness.

  13. G_Dubble

    Thanks for coming back for a one-off!!!!! Long live BRB Blu!!

  14. Stinkfingerbasket

    Oh thank god you guys recorded this, i cannot masterbate effectivly without frawls voice in my earbuds. I’m so backed up, I have a runny nose.. I would gladly pay to have the blue show back. There’s nothing else out there worth my bandwidth, or my dollar store lube. Come back guys, pleeeez!
    Take the work out of it, have fans write the agenda for you, bs about anything, take calls, have guest, any thing is better than what else is out there. Pacmans’ mom, word!

  15. Wrinkledrip

    woooohoooo! I make poopie in me sears pant suit. Keep em coming guys, you have to, we need you. I can’t hardly pop pimples and pull ingrown hairs around me anus without you mayo cannons talkin games on me Walkman. Poop in your panties, sunny beaches

  16. rothbart

    Man this show is terrible. I could make one like it with absolutely no talent at all…

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