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The Backlog: Part 2 – The Game Collection That Could Have Been

At this point I’m actually starting to feel more comfortable with the number of games I have not completed than the fact I have traded in so many titles that I now want back.

Preview: Tomb Raider Multiplayer

I was lucky enough to get invited to a community day held by Square Enix to show off Tomb Raider’s multiplayer – a mode that, thanks to it only being announced in the past few weeks, has been criticised by some as an afterthought.

Review: The Cave

Created by Ron Gilbert, The Cave is the newest offering from Double Fine and is a combination of a puzzler and a 2D platformer set, obviously, in a cave.

A Year in The Barrel

Today marks the one year anniversary of us throwing the Big Red switch that opened the floodgates to allow the whole world to stare down our Barrel.

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch – Launch Trailer

Follow Oliver on his journey through magic and adventure, on a quest to save his mother, meeting new friends along the way.  

Crysis 3 – Nanosuit Trailer and Beta Details

With one of the most advanced military platforms ever at your disposal, you’ll want to suit up for tactical warfare in the urban jungle of New York City to take down the invading alien force of the Ceph. Plus, jump into the open Beta for Crysis 3 from January 29th, available to download on Xbox […]

Trailer: Strike Suit Zero – Launch Trailer

I’m of an age in which I remember when space shooters were an exciting thing. If you’re of a similar age, this’ll make you rejoice in nostalgia. Otherwise? Think Battlestar Galactica with incredibly attractive backdrops, and a transforming spaceship!

Big Red Flix 48: Black Dynamite (Part 1)

Join jive turkey’s Dave, Jitterbug, and Yoshifett as they discuss the wonderfully blacksploitation satire, Black Dynamite.

Review: Anarchy Reigns

Unfortunately, even the most die-hard Platinum fans will find little to enjoy from Anarchy Reigns.

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