BRB Blu 30: Blu Voyage

Welcome back for the final episode of BRB Blu, the premier Sony podcast from This week Rothbart, PacManPolarBear and Frawlz give thanks to Sony for a new firmware update, shout out their listeners, remember the good times, and discuss a few more nuggets of Sony goodness. There’s bonus content for all BRB podcast app users. Thanks for listening for the past four and a half years.

We appreciate you taking time out of your day to listen to the show. For your convenience, you can simply download the MP3 by clicking HERE or if you’re one of those “set it and forget it” types, you can subscribe via iTunes, RSS, or Zune and stay in “real time.”

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  1. oleschoolgamer

    So sad to see you guys go but all good things must come to an end I suppose.

    Thank you for all the info and entertainment over the years.

  2. saephirayew

    *sniffs* I guess it’s really true then… I better get to listening. Don’t mind the sad tears, or the happy tears.

  3. saephirayew

    It’s not showing up in iTunes for me. Is that normal? Does it take a while to get there? I even followed the iTunes link in the article.

  4. Darth Nutclench

    Hey Pacman, Rothbart, Frawlz and Dave

    First of all can I say thank you for all the many years of enjoyment you have given me. I started listening to you about 4 years ago, can’t remember when, but it was definitely before my kids were born. Since my lifestyle changed so dramatically in the time I’ve been listening to you, you guys (and the rest of the SG/BRB crew) became a very important part of my life. Raising a family costs money and time and being a keen gamer with less time to see my IRL friends the BRB community has become my adopted circle of friends.

    I’ve enjoyed the banter, the jokes, the arguments, the highly informed content and the dick and fart jokes. I’ve enjoyed joining pacman in the Killzone nights over the years and it was great to lap Frawlz 7 times in the GT5 Extralife race.

    You guys have inspired me to write and podcast (amateurishly) for a gaming website and to be proud of being part of such a close-knit community.

    Hope everything goes well with whatever you do next and again, thanks for the memories.

    High regards,

    Darth Nutclench
    (Writer and gamer Joypadandme)
    Xbox Gamertag – DarthNutclench

  5. Darth Nutclench

    …oh no you don’t put that piano music at the end of the podcast! I promised myself I wasn’t going to cry…..

  6. YungBroccoli

    I been listening to the sg/brb blu show for 2 and a half years was hoping to continue. I understand you guys have other obligations so sad to goodbye to Rothbart leadership putting together the agenda for the most part and keeping the show on track with segways. I enjoyed pacman and Rothbart always going against Frawls he was right on somethings and Frawls never really playing games and never completing competitions but I always thought he bought balance to the crew with his nasty inside jokes, weird fetish links, and sweaty balls makes me imagine if were a video podcast. Now for my favorite Pacmanpolarbear the Canadian with the download limit. Always community driven even in times life struggles gamer nights it only makes sense that you receive loads games from fans. Also I met you once on killzone 2 beach head map by accident very cool guy not that I didn’t think you were. I going to miss the three of you together. High hopes for reunion of course

  7. PolarSmoke

    MAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannn! Wasn’t Expecting any shoutout because I didn’t asked for one lately, but i was surprised that it happened, anyway thank you for so many laughs and laughs and horns and wale penises and for making fun of Frawlz because he is a JERK.
    I’m gonna miss u guys, loved the last episode and I wish only the best for all of ya… And i know u guys are not into sports but if u come to BRAZILE, U are all welcome.
    See ya around…
    Take Care.

  8. Candace (aka Silvercandy)

    That piano music…was like twisting a knife. I tried to keep a stiff lip though. lol Loved the episode and thanks so much for the shout out. I will definitely miss the show, but congrats on 200 episodes and thanks for all the hours you put a smile on my face. I’m glad PMPB got a wee in there! Wooohoo!

  9. Rintendo64

    I wasn’t looking forward to downloading this, hate to see it end but I’ve enjoyed the excellent ratio of the Dick Jokes:PS News

  10. 1Ton

    From episode 1 to episode 200, overall the show has been legendary.

    What your show has that many other gaming podcasts don’t — is that your show can be played on repeat. You guys have an extensive list of classic memorable shows that I’ve listened to repeatedly because the banter between you guys is seriously that good.

    Looking forward to hearing from you guys in the near future and thanks for the shout-out.

  11. shakysnake

    Great show guys, still coudnt believe it ended. What to do other than to listen to your old episodes, they are still funny ! 🙂

  12. nicely done!

  13. G_Dubble

    I’m sad to see the show sail off into retirement land, but all things come to an end. Thanks for the shout-out, wasn’t expecting that one. I actually threw a up a fist pump! Packie…..keep up Blu Show enthusiasts updated on if and when the new “show” drops and how to access it. Gonna miss Frawlz’ “Rumors” section, “Ahnold” always had me laughing.

  14. Erick


    This sucks!! I’m going to miss the episodes!! I wish it didnt come to an end! Ive been listening since episode ~35. ahhhhh it sucks.

    Thanks to the Blue Playstation podcast, It’s been a great ride!! 😀

  15. sheezcrafty

    Little late to the party, but I’ll miss you guys. A Super Soaker? I’ve always pictured a turkey baster. Take it easy.

  16. CostaRicardo

    Thank you so much guys!!! I am eeally going to miss listening to your show a couple times (in a row) in my commute, thanks for your time, you guys not know us as well as we know you, but I consider you three friends (in a weird, one way, way) if you ever come to Santa Barbara or even LA, I will be pleased to buy you guys a drink and dinner.

  17. snarf04rab

    Great last show guys! Blu show was my favorite gaming podcast. Thanks for the shout-out.


  18. Playrules

    Aww man, I’m gonna miss you guys.

    I listened to you guys since episode 70 of the Sarcastic Gamer blue show, and for almost 3 years your podcast has made me laugh and its gonna be really hard for me to fathem the fact that you guys are gone. Also, why are you guys leaving in the first place?

    Hopefully you guys go on to doing other things in the gaming community.

    All good things must come to an end.

    I’m gonna miss you guys

    Thanks for everything

    Playrules :’)

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