Big Red Flix 18: Fight Club (Part 1)

After playing a game of “what’s in the box,” Dave, Jitterbug and Yoshifett sit down to watch David Fincher’s tale of a ticking-time-bomb insomniac and a slippery soap salesman, Fight Club. The crew is back to their old long-winded selves, so there are three parts to this BKR (Be Kind Rewind). Check back on BRB later this week for part 2!

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  1. BlackDestroys

    I’m pretty sure I got way too exited when I saw this episode out on iTunes, I may or may not have accidently everywhere. winky

  2. WarMachine

    Great comments and insight into the movie so far, I look forward to hearing the next episode 🙂

  3. TamarindLAZ

    I’ve been waiting for you guys to cover this film! thumb

    This is one BKR to remember.




    Jitterbug=Tyler Durden


    Just putting that out there.

  4. I’m not looking forward to the hell that’s going to rain down on me when the third episode comes out. Prepare yourself everyone, I don’t give this movie an A rating!!! Yowzer. shock

  5. DeanBiddler

    Just listened to the episode and I was wondering if it was going three parts, thank you for the spoiler. A-/B+? Or in teacher speak 85%? Really enjoying the analysis so far but I have a question, is there any way to tell if you are indeed reading too far into a movie for meaning not intended by the author, or is that irrelevant? If you find meaning not intended by the author, I am assuming it is still a valid interpretation. Just curious to thoughts as JBugs revelation about Bob’s B.T.’s gave me that thought.

    Any chance of the trio ever doing more real time BKRs like the Avengers? I hope it is not a rare treat as Sound of My Voice is out and I think up for ripe interpretation with no BS open ending.  On a scale of Titus Andronicus to Dave’s Stolen Tires I rate it a Wendigo.

  6. Barachel

    Guys, I have been so excited to hear these episodes! That being said, I never got any kind of homoerotic vibe in any of my multiple viewings. I always saw it as the emasculation of the modern man, and Tyler’s desire that we tap back into the masculine role that we as men have lost. For club members, it wasn’t about the violence, machismo, or even the adrenaline rush, it was about taking control and feeling empowered in a way that men often don’t anymore. 

    One of my favorite activities during the movie is trying to figure out who is the dominant personality, actively participating in the world, in certain scenes. For example, when the bar owner beats up Tyler, Narrator is obviously watching from the outside, while really being beaten. But earlier in the movie, Narrator is standing at the counter talking to security (the dildo, not your dildo) as Tyler jumps into a convertible and is chased by the owner, meaning he was interacting with the real world, so was Narrator not really at the counter? The one scene that I have the most trouble with is the car crash scene, in which Tyler and Narrator are talking to each other and the Mayhem boys in the back seat. I try to figure out what the Mayhem boys are seeing, and it really bakes my noodle!hmmm

    Anyway, looking forward to your take on the rest of the movie!

  7. zombiesauerkraut

    I never felt that the ending rang hollow when it came to the character’s (or creators’) position on the actions of Project Mayhem. Ed’s reactions to what the gang is doing, for instance to the big burning smiley, show that he knows what’s going on is F-ed. Later on he’s chasing Brad around the country, trying to stop him from carrying out his plan until the end of the movie. If Ed’s realization was emphasized any more, I think it would have come off as preachy. Besides, the Tyler Durdens of the world would always think that Tyler Durden is awesome, no matter how much emphasis you put on ‘this is wrong’.


    I guess in retrospect, knowing that Chuck Palahniuk is gay, you can see how the theme relates to homo-eroticism, though I can’t imagine that anyone would actually pick-up on that from a first viewing. Maybe Jitter-bug just has a special gift…but aww, heck! we’ll forgive him.


    Great movie and great show! Looking forward to the next parts. Cheers, guys! 

  8. I think a lot of people get shockingly defensive when the issue of Fight Club’s gay undertones come up. If you like Fight Club, and it can be viewed as an example of a gay man coming to grips with his sexuality by some people, it doesn’t mean you’re gay.

    The author wrote the book before he came out as a gay man, during his youth when his sexuality was still a major issue in his own life. He wrote a book about men getting together to do manly things and expressing their intent to push away the feminine influence so that they could enjoy their manliness.

    Am I really blowing minds by saying there is gay subtext there?! It doesn’t make the movie bad, and it doesn’t make you gay for liking it. You might never see the gay subtext, and the emotions you experience during watching the film don’t have to be GAY because the author wrote it from a gay person’s perspective. Your enjoyment of the film is entirely your own.

    Most guys I talk to see this as a movie that expresses man’s desire to reach an animalistic instinct that is pushed down by society and begs to be freed. There’s no reason not to see the movie in that light and enjoy it in that mindset. My only point is that it seems pretty obvious to me that it could also be interpreted as a story of a man dealing with his burgeoning homosexuality… you know, cause it was written by a guy that was dealing with his burgeoning homosexuality.

    That sounds like I’m trying to be dismissive, but I’m not. I’m simply exemplifying the idea that a viewer’s enjoyment of a film doesn’t require that they identify with the director/author/actor’s intent. That’s what makes art great. What frustrates the living s**t out of me is the multitude of slobbering meat heads who turn red faced and want to fight when you suggest that Fight Club might have homoerotic undertones… because it totally does.

  9. Barachel

    Jitterbug, I reserve red-faced fury for Yoshi… I’m not mad at your suggestion, I’m just sayin’ I don’t see it. Both Edward and Tyler (I know, “both”) seem to enjoy the HECK out of Marla. Which is another interesting distinction between them. Tyler enjoys some pretty rough stuff, and the way Edward reaches out and takes her hand at the end of the film is much more tender and quiet. 

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