Big Red Flix 15: The Avengers Part 1 (Spoiler Free!)

An unprecedented cinematic event happened, and it was worthy of a special episode of Big Red Flix. Dave, Jitterbug and Yoshifett hit the box offices over the weekend to see The Avengers; join them for a spoiler free discussion of the experience. Check back on BRB later this week for the spoiler-filled part 2!

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  1. Tomohare

    The only character the was not terrible was the Hulk, not Bruce Banner, which “doesn’t speak” and is on screen only for a few moments. [Spoiler](I didn’t quite undersant why he changed from “Kill everybody” to “kill only the badguys”)[/Spoiler]
    This movie didn’t work for me. No other characters are good, even though I was loking for the Captain America (I find “his” movie far better than this one) and I was disapointed.
    This film made me wanna get up and leave the theater too many times, just to mention a few: when the black widow is tied up, when thor first appears (why he couldn’t just come invisible like his brother in the other movie?), when the geek and the nerd have The discussion, when Loki talks with the evil dude, when hulk trys to be funny.
    I was shock when, after I’ve seen the movie, I read that this poor movie received 93% at Rotten Tomatoes when The Fellowship of the Ring only received 92%…

    I left the cinema with the feeling of “why did I go to see this movie?”. But the 3D was good, good depth and it was sharp (from where I was sitting). Btw, there were no end credits scene in the copy that I watched.

  2. zombieboy

    it was a fun movie to watch

  3. zero_requiem

    I thoroughly enjoyed the movie personally. I thought the writing was spot on and there were so many just amazing geek moments throughout. Although I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to be commenting on the podcast itself, and not just about the movie. Great podcast guys. I look forward to hearing the actual spoiler-filled section in the coming week. I might actually have to go see the movie again before the podcast comes out so I’m good and ready.

  4. Providence

    Made up for the utterly shitty second half of Captain America. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE movie, the newer Hulk was good-ish, Thor was bearable, Iron man was enjoyable.

    This was so much better than all of them combined. Not the best movie, but street’s ahead of all their origin stories

  5. gfreeman

    I was gonna rage sooo bad when Dave and Jitterbug where all “there’s been no black Nick fury” I was screaming ULTIMATE UNIVERSE!!!! at my laptop xD and it makes sense for Samuel Jackson too play Nick as this whole “thing” has been based off the ultimate universe.
    ps. i hate this film

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