Podcasts: The Blu Before It Was New…

Before they were the BRB Playstation Podcast, they were still Sony loyalists on another website. Just right click and save the links below to get those episodes.

Episode 1: New, Great, and Amazing?
Episode 2: Rothbart’s Bikini
Episode 3: The Fog of War
Episode 4: Fashion Shows?
Episode 5: Dave Stops By…
Episode 6: Preferables?!
Episode 7: Metal Gear Is Finally Here!
Episode 8: GOTY Already?
Episode 9: Marvel This!
Episode 10: The Truth
Episode 11: FIRM WHERE?
Episode 12: LittleBigPodcast
Episode 13: E3 Show Pt. 2
Episode 14: Limericks
Episode 15: Crystal Anniversary
Episode 16: Trophy Whoring
Episode 17: Raking PacMan Over The Coals
Episode 18: Leipzig Blowout
Episode 19: Just the PAX man…
Episode 20: The Lost Episode
Episode 21: Suck It!
Episode 22: We Got Nuthin’ (almost literally!)
Episode 23: More Limericks
Episode 24: Reading is Hard
Episode 25: Very Firm (Tastes Like Chicken)
Episode 26: Recalled
Episode 27: Crunching The Numbers
Episode 28: Da Otha Dude!
Episode 29: Mississippi Smith FTW!
Episode 30: That’s What She Said
Episode 31: Let’s Call PacMan Again
Episode 32: Da Powah Of Da Blu-rayz
Episode 33: That Sounded Wet
Episode 34: Griefing
Episode 35: Home For The Holidays
Episode 36: Diet Blu (2/3 the normal hosts)
Episode 37: Vegas: CES Blowout
Episode 38: Bacon On The Floor
Episode 39: Frawlz Smash!!!
Episode 40: Pacman Defends Zombies
Episode 41: Anti-Move/We Love Moms
Episode 42: Don’t Panic!
Episode 43: Bleep This (Fixed)
Episode 44: Killz-OMG!
Episode 45: PacMan’s Pulpit
Episode 46: [Andy] Dick Jokes
Episode 47: Kicking Chickens
Episode 48: Now With Twice The Pulpits!
Episode 49: Space on the Bus
Episode 50: Cheaper and More Convenient
Episode 51: Dancing Queen
Episode 52: Ward of Despair
Episode 53: Twitter on the **itter
Episode 54: What Is Love?
Episode 55: Frawlz’s Faux Pas
Episode 56: It’s Just Like Gears…
Episode 57: The Evilest Mamba Jamba in the Universe
Episode 58: The King of Minor Complaints
Episode 59: Explosives and Prostitutes
Episode 60: Continental Brothers
Episode 61: Cookie Monster
Episode 62: Fraud In Your Mouth
Episode 63: My Sweaty Nuts
Episode 64: Partially Decaffeinated
Episode 65: Beating Games And Moving On
Episode 66: GamesCom-plaining
Episode 67: The Bet… Ends
Episode 68: Washing An EyePet’s Ass
Episode 69: Did We Mention It Was The Blu Show Ep. 69?
Episode 70: That Came From Canada
Episode 71: Frawlz… Suck A Cock-A-Doodle-Doo
Episode 72: Uncharted 2 (Is Awesome!!!)
Episode 73: Read A Book
Episode 74: The Episode Beyond Description
Episode 75: Frawlz’s Purpose
Episode 76: We’ve Got The Funk
Episode 77: The Show About PS3 Games
Episode 78: Blu Whale Penis
Episode 79: Get Defenestrated
Episode 80: Better Late Than Never
Episode 81: The Good Sh*t
Episode 82: Slutty Librarian
Episode 83: On The Man
Episode 84: Do you not like the posse?
Episode 85: MAG (Mound Animation Guy)
Episode 86: Rothbart and his Technicolour Dream-Agenda
Episode 87: Dear Douchebags…I’m A Big Fan
Episode 88: SG Black Episode 1
Episode 89: MAGhawk
Episode 90: Move Past The Rain
Episode 91: God of LARPing in 3D
Episode 92: Fluffed
Episode 93: A F*** Ton
Episode 94: Frawlz Hearts Panzer Tanks (In His Pants)
Episode 95: Savagely Wet
Episode 96: Uncut Goatse & The Fart Pimp
Episode 97: Fat Asinine
Episode 98: Black Cyclops
Episode 99: Shrink Wrapped, Tainted Posse
Episode 100: … Waiting For A Fart
Episode 101: Not As Good As The Last One
Episode 102: The End Of An Age
Episode 103: Rothbart’s Gas
Episode 104: Pacman’s Un’move’able
Episode 105: Muted
Episode 106: May Cause Nausea
Episode 107: At Sony, Move Does You
Episode 108: Brain Baldness
Episode 109: Velcro Gloves
Episode 110: Bizarro Pacman
Episode 111: Binary Syphilis
Episode 112: Ignored
Episode 113: Clean Up On Aisle 2
Episode 114: Logic Bombed
Episode 115: The Frawlz Barrier
Episode 116: Two Guys, One Horse
Episode 117: Love Film
Episode 118: Alben Dovah
Episode 119: A Bidet In The Life
Episode 120: Boomerang
Episode 121: Rubbing Frawlz’s Nose In It
Episode 122: Roller Coaster Ride
Episode 123: Smells Like Bacon
Episode 124: Meat Quilts
Episode 125: We Want Wesley Snipes
Episode 126: Smart
Episode 127: Digital Herpes
Episode 128: Wet Clothes
Episode 129: Grab A Hot Dog!
Episode 130: No Protein
Episode 131: 15 Dollars
Episode 132: Rothbart’s Burning Bush
Episode 133: The Three Wees
Episode 134: Freckle Bear
Episode 135: Throtum
Episode 136: Crab Ruler
Episode 137: Anonymous Prolexis
Episode 138: Cheaper and Deeper
Episode 139: Risky Actions
Episode 140: Breach Around
Episode 141: $25 Tang
Episode 142: Starhawk Don’t Give A Bleep
Episode 143: Jet Lagged
Episode 144: Sphincter Whistle
Episode 145: Squirt One For My Homies
Episode 146: Tastes Like Pennies
Episode 147: Pitching A Tent For David Jaffe
Episode 148: Sweeet!
Episode 149: Pacman’s Skinny Body
Episode 150: Man-o-pause
Episode 151: Spread ‘em
Episode 152: Pwnie Bomb
Episode 153: Man Bubbles
Episode 154: Sex Station 7
Episode 155: Blind Taste Test
Episode 156: Happy Endings
Episode 157: Blu Waffles
Episode 158: Assne
Episode 159: Boiled Over
Episode 160: Patchouli Scented
Episode 161: No Testies
Episode 162: The Matchening
The New Blu Show Episode 001: Nu Bloo
Episode 163: Google Me
Episode 165: Sexual Werewolf
Episode 166: Havok In Your Mouth
Episode 167: So Long 2011
Episode 168: Don’t Drop The SOPA
Episode 169: Screw It
Episode 170: Rothbart So Horny

And now you know the rest of the story.

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