Trailer: Mass Effect 3 – Better with Kinect?

A hugely successful franchise, controlled through your voice? It may be the peripheral’s signature tagline, but will Mass Effect 3 really be “Better with Kinect?” Or is this the Mass Relay Kinect will be using to invade future games?

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  1. MTaylo050

    I don’t have an Xbox, so no Kinect controls for me, and this looks good and seem to work fairly well for the most part, but my question is, is anyone going to actually play the whole game this way? I’m sure most people will at least try it. But I think it’s safe to say that a lot of gaming is done at night and that most people live with someone else or in an apartment by someone else and shouting at your console every 2.5 seconds at 12 pm is not practical, ever.

  2. hillaire

    Frankly it seems abit shit, I think I’ll stick to the controller thanks.
    Plus I often play with friends and I wouldnt trust them not to deliberately shout out suicidal commands to screw me over 🙂

  3. unilateralview

    Given I mostly game at night when my kids are asleep I can’t see myself shouting ‘Frag Grenade!!!’ late at night.

  4. Lukas Heinzel

    I am really ecited for the kinect feature, its really immersive when i am actually the person who is talking, commanding and deciding. When you dont have a kinect, just use the normal control.

    but please try to use it yourself before bashing , trolling and annoying the interwebs.

    Okay, i cant think of any more three word stuff 🙂

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